Fleshlight Sex Toys

If you have not yet tried one of the many toys in the Fleshlight range then I can honestly say that you simply don’t know what you’re missing. I know, that’s what everyone says about everything… and it’s usually just a whole lot of hype over nothing, but this is the real deal. Millions of people around the world are already enjoying their Fleshlights, making it the best selling male sex toy on the market, so that should tell you something about how fun these things are! And it’s about time the guys got some toys to play with, the days of women having all of the fun are truly a thing of the past.

Original Fleshlight
Original Lady Fleshlight
When the Fleshlight made its first appearance there was pretty much only one way to go, and that was with the original “Pink Lady” toy which, as the name suggests, is a pink insert with a vaginal entrance. That was fine, and even today is ten times better than other male sex toys, but they weren’t ready to stop there… they had to push it further.
Build Your Own
Build Your Own Fleshlight
The next in a long line of additions to the range was the Build Your Own Fleshlight, allowing men to customize their toy to fit their own needs and desires. These options include changing the color of the case, choosing an orifice such as vaginal, anal, and oral, and finally being able to choose a texture from super tight to ribbed and more.
Fleshlight ICE
Ice Fleshlight
And then, perhaps during a night of heavy drinking, the folks at Fleshlight came up with their next invention: Ice. But wait, it’s not what you’re thinking, because who wants to stick their dick in to something as cold as ice?!? No, the Fleshlight Ice is a version made with see-through materials in a see-through case, which allows you to watch yourself as you penetrate the toy, and also lets you choose the exclusive “crystal” texture.
Fleshlight Girls
Fleshlight Girls Picture
As the Fleshlight brand grew in popularity, it was inevitable that the porn industry would want to get in on the action, and they did… which brings us to the Fleshlight Girls. These unique inserts are modelled on actual pornstars, from the look of the entrance to the feeling of the inside, allowing you to live out a fantasy with your favorite pornstar.
STU Fleshlight
Fleshlight STU image
For the guys who want to be the best they can be there is the Stamina Training Unit, or STU Fleshlight. This toy provides an incredibly intense experience, perfect for practising on and allowing you to go longer and harder when you’re with your partner.
Fleshlight Vibro
image of Fleshlight Vibro
Women have had vibrators for decades, but we can’t let them have all of the fun, right? That’s where the Fleshlight Vibro comes in to play, offering another new texture plus the sensual sensation which comes from the mini vibrating bullets.
Alien Fleshlight
picture of Alien Fleshlight
OK, now we get to what is probably the weirdest sex toy I have ever seen: the Fleshlight Alien, a strange looking blue vagina with two clits. Have you ever dreamed of having sex with an alien? Did the movie Avatar get you hard? No?!? Well just check this one out anyway!
Fleshlight Sex In A Can
Sex In A Can Fleshlight image
Aliens aren’t your thing? What about vampires? Fleshlight Sex In A Can now offers the Succu Dry vampire mouth for lovers of the undead, just be careful with the fangs! If you’re not brave enough for that, try the original Sex In A Can models… great for hiding away somewhere as they look like regular beer cans.
Fleshjack for Gays
Fleshlight Fleshjack image
Last but not least is the Fleshjack. Made by gay men for gay men, the Fleshjack offers many of the same options as the original, with the main difference being the look of the entrance and of course your choice of Fleshjack boys modelled on real gay pornstars.
Fleshlight Pure
Pure Fleshlight image
Fleshlight with new specially-designed discreet orifice and highly-stimulating inner texture. Perfect toy if you are travelling a lot and your bags are checked but you want to have your Fleshlight always with you. This SuperSkin masturbation sleeve gives exciting masturbation experience.
Fleshlight Blade
Fleshlight Blade image
Absolutly new squeezable hilt-shaped Fleshlight case. This sex toy gives you control of the tightness during masturbation. The case of Blade Fleshlight is beautifully designed and the specialy prepared sharply intense inner texture provides amazing pleasure.
Pirates Fleshlight
Pirates by Fleshlight
Fleshlight girls: Jesse Jane – Gauntlet, Stoya – Destroya, and Riley Steele – Nipple Alley in Pirates Limited Edition Fleshlight. The full Package includes: Stagnettis Revenge DVD, one of Pirates Star Fleshlight with Limited Edition Gold case and Pirates Vibrating Bullet Necklace.

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